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Bar Menu

Sundowner is fully licensed (No BYO). Our nibbles consist of a simple platter of crackers, vege sticks, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, kabana, and dip, which are shared with all guests. Pringles are available to purchase on board.If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on:


Corona $9.50Pale Ale $9.50Great Northern Original $8.50Mid Strength $8.50


per glassHouse Sparkling $9.00Sauvignon Blanc NZ $9.50Chardonnay $9.50Pinot Grigio $9.50Rosé $9.50Moscato $9.50Red wine piccolo (seasonal only) $10.00


Jack Daniels $11.00Premium Vodka $11.00Premium Gin $11.00Premium Whiskey $11.00Sailor Jerry Rum $11.00Canadian Club $9.50Bundaberg Rum $9.50Jim Beam $9.50Grants Scotch $9.50Smirnoff Vodka $9.50Gordon’s Gin $9.50Tequila $9.50Bacardi $9.50Malibu $9.50


Apple Cider $9.50Vodka Cruisers (Lemon/Lime, Guava) $11.00Ginger Beer $11.00Soft Drinks or bottled water $4.00Red Bull $5.00Pringles $6.00Single Platter $7.00Sundowner Cruises Stubby Holder $5.00Please note: brands and prices may be subject to change.