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Why Visit Langford Island?

Abeautiful uninhabited island in the Whitsundays near Airlie Beach and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Langford Island isn’t a common destination for tour boats to visit. For those who have already seen Whitehaven Beach, Langford Island is a wonderful spot to take another full day tour to, to experience another side of our beautiful Whitsundays.

Sand Cay

Langford Island, also known as ‘One Foot Island’ is a gorgeous Whitsundays sand cay attached to a continental island, just a short sail to the north of Airlie Beach.

With the big tides in the Whitsundays, the sand cay can all but disappear at high tide leaving barely enough sand to stand on, hence the nickname, ‘One Foot Island’. At low tide, the sand cay stretches over a kilometre from one end to the other. When the tide is low-mid, you can create the illusion of walking on water, where the spit starts to be covered by the rising waters of the incoming tide.

Here you can recreate the notorious Tourism Australia ad featuring Lara Bingle and the controversial line “where the bl**dy h*ll are you?”

Lookout Walk

Completed in 2018, the walk to the lookout at the top of the continental island of Langford features stunning views over Hayman Island, Hook Island and Langford Island itself. Comprised of a series of stone steps, the climb to the lookout meanders through native bush and Whitsunday bottle trees before emerging at a lovely lookout with stone seating.


Known as a turtle habitat, guests frequently see them swimming in the waters off Langford Island. The lucky few might even get to snorkel with a turtle!


Snorkelling in this area of the Whitsunday Islands is pretty good! We choose a snorkelling spot depending on the conditions in the day, but we have a few favourite spots that we might take you to around Hook Island, Stonehaven, Caves Cove, and Black Island (aka Bali Hai). The keen snorkeller can even do a second snorkel at Langford Island itself. The rock walls adjoining the continental island are rife with fish and marine life, as well as the aforementioned turtles.

Easy Sailing

Due to its position NE of Airlie Beach, Langford Island is a great place to sail to. In our typical SE winds, it is what is called a ‘broad reach’ in sailing terms. In layman’s terms, this means we can be sure to get the sails up and go under wind power alone, sailing virtually in a straight line direct to Langford Island, and home again. It is easy and pleasant sailing, for those looking for an enjoyable sailing experience where they won’t spill their drink.