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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a ticket for my children on Lady Enid?

No, Lady Enid is an adults only tour experience. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted.

Is Lady Enid wheelchair accessible?

No, Lady Enid is not accessible for wheelchairs or other mobility aids. As a classic timber racing yacht, there are many steps up and down, narrow walkways, and a set of steep ladder-like steps to go below decks, where the bathroom and kitchen facilities are. A certain level of mobility is required to be able to enjoy a day out on Lady Enid.

What other mobility challenges might guests face?

In addition to the vessel itself, the dock ramp may be steep at low tide and there are steps to board the boat herself at the dock. Keep in mind it is a working yacht, and there are ropes and stays around the boat that you may need to step over, duck under, and be mindful of. To get in and out of the dinghy at sea, guests must climb down a ladder on the outside of the yacht, into a floating dinghy at the bottom. Upon arrival at the beach, guests must climb out of the dinghy, and may have to step into shallow water. The walk to the lookout on Langford Island is marked by Queensland Parks as ‘rough’ or grade 3. The Hill Inlet walk to the lookout over Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island is marked by Queensland Parks as ‘moderate’ or grade 2. Both comprise of a combination of sloped, dirt and sand bushwalking trails and large man-made stone steps. Comfortable footwear is advised.

What drinks can I buy on board?

We offer a small selection of beer, wine and soft drinks for sale on Lady Enid. Payments by cash or credit card accepted.Chilled water is supplied free all day. Coffee and tea are offered free during the morning on our full day adventures.BYO drinks are not permitted.
Bar Menu

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

We can cater for most dietary requirements, with advance notice. Please let us know when you book. Vegan options will incur a surcharge.

Do you cancel if the weather is bad?

The only reason we would cancel a tour would be for the safety and comfort of our guests due to high winds or rough seas. We would make this decision in the afternoon on the day before travel. You will be notified as soon as possible to reschedule or receive a refund in the event of operator cancellations within 24 hours of travel.

What happens if I have to cancel due to Covid or other illness?

We have a Cancellation Policy which protects both us and the customer. We offer full cancellation of your ticket price (exclusive of CC & booking fees) if you cancel your trip with us 24 hours or more in advance of travel. We recommend you take out travel insurance as we can not refund last minute cancellations for any reason.

What about seasickness?

If you are prone to seasickness, it is a good idea to check with a chemist for the best preventative motion sickness medication (natural or medicated) for you. We do not sell sea sickness pills on board the boat. Please remember that tablets are a preventative, not a cure, so it’s best to take them before we depart, and bring some with you to take during the day if needed.

Do you pick up from any of the island resorts?

Unfortunately, we are not able to pick you up from any of the island resorts. We depart from and return to Airlie Beach, and it is best if you are staying in local accommodation.

Do you offer transfers?

For the sailing day trips, we offer complimentary transfers within the Airlie Beach area – from Cannonvale to Jubilee Pocket. If you’re staying at a location outside of this area we can provide you with the details of your closest pick up point. You will need to make your own way to this pick up point before the appointed pick up time. Your confirmation email and reminders will contain the time and location of your pick-up.With our sunset cruise you will have to make your own way to the marina.

Where can I see more photos of Lady Enid?

Every page of our website shows photos of the Lady Enid experience. You may also wish to explore our Facebook and Instagram pages for more images from our professional gallery, our staff, and guests.

Where do we go snorkelling on both day tours?

We go snorkelling at one of the island reef locations en route to or from our main destination for the day. This will typically be on either Hook Island or Whitsunday Island. We provide snorkels, masks and noodles for flotation if required. Wetsuits are offered all year round to protect from stingers as well as keep you warm in cooler months. Fins are not provided on Lady Enid for snorkelling.

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